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Live well Coiled Tubing Recovery

Safe, fast and efficient


This gas injector/producer well was drilled in 2014 to a depth of 2635 mAH. After the well was completed and tested, coiled tubing was used to retrieve a 5.75” RPT standing valve installed in the packer tailpipe. Pressure differential over the valve was equalized using nitrogen. Coiled tubing was not able to free the valve. Two CT BHA’s were left behind in the well.


The objective was to mobilize the snubbing unit and to fish the lost CT fishing BHA which lay on top of the original CT BHA which was still connected to the 5.75” RPT standing valve.


  • 385k Space Saver Snubbing unit was selected.
  • 3 Day Moduspec inspection with no comments.
  • A 7-1/16” 10M Snubbing BOP stack was installed directly on top of the 7-1/16” 5m production tree.
  • The snubbing unit was equipped with a rotary table in order to enable rotation of the pipe.
  • The fishing string consisted out of; overshot, super jar, check valves, HWDP, BPC dartsub and 2-7/8” drillpipe.


  • The snubbing unit was mobilized and rigged-up directly after arriving on location.
  • Good planning and pre-job engineering contributed to an efficient operation.
  • The fish was retrieved in a single run.
  • The whole operation was performed in 8 days including rig-up and rig-down.
  • Zero incidents and accidents.
  • No down time