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Casing Jack


Casing Jack

Advantages & Characteristics

  • Quick and simple rig-up
  • Small footprint
  • Simple to operate
  • Remote operation
  • Handling of large casing/conductor/riser sizes
  • Low cost P&A operation

Casing Jack can be used to install and retrieve casing with diameters up to 37.5 Inch. These very compact units come with equipment packages to conduct low cost Rigless abandonments. Casing Jacks can also be perfectly used to install and retrieve tie-back risers and conductors.

The unit is very simple to operate and can be equipped with both manual casing spider bowls with hand slips or with air/hydraulic operated casing slips. The unit can be equipped with a rotary table and different size adaptor plates to run small size workstrings and mechanical rotational casing cutters.

Innovation is not an empty slogan at BPC. We build our own state-of-the-art HWO/Snubbing units, and are continuously making improvements. Always with respect to operational efficiency safety and providing the environment. We have a proven track-record with over 700 wells restored with great quality and safety performance. We have the experience, the knowledge, the equipment and, most importantly, the passion to make it work. 

Operational Activities

  • Pulling/Installing casing & conductors
  • Rigless P&A activities
  • Mechanical Casing cutting
  • Downhole mechanical Casing cutting
  • Offshore and onshore use
  • Installation of large size tie-back risers

Rigless P&A – Save costs! Exploit the benefits of our Rigless P&A techniques and our proven P&A track record.

Specifications Casing Jack

  Pull Capacity 440,000 lbs 200.000 kg
  Push Capacity N/A N/A
  Rotary Torque Custom Custom
  Stroke 6,8 ft 2 m.
  Through bore  37,5″ 952 mm
  Slip bowls Manual casing slips or: air/hydraulic operated
  Unit total weight 28,000 lbs 13.000 kg
  Gin Pole N/A N/A