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BPC Equipment

Our Equipment

Innovation is not an empty slogan at BPC. We build our own state-of-the-art HWO/Snubbing units, and are continuously making improvements with respect to operational efficiency safety and providing the environment. 

BPC’s Hydraulic Workover Units are recognized as providing a realistic alternative to conventional derrick drilling/ work over equipment. Due to the smaller footprint of our HWU’s, as compared to conventional derrick rigs, we are able to minimize limitations in factors such as deck space, deck loading and crane capacity our units. The modular design of our units affords us the ability to offer a wide variety of layout configurations. BPC’s HWU’s are employed globally to perform workovers and are able to provide our clients with a greater range of well solutions, as compared to conventional derrick rigs. 

Unit overview:

  Unit: 340k 385k 600k 460K CSU
  Max.pull Capacity: 154t 175t 270t 208t 800 kN
  Max push Capacity: 75t 80t 118t 95t 600 kN
  Rotary torque: 27 kNm 27kNm 27 kNm 29 kNm  
  Stroke: 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m  
  Through bore: 13-5/8″ 17″ 13-5/8″ 14″ 8″
  Ginpole: 2x 1,5t 2 x 1,5t 2x 2,5t 4,5t  
  Unit total weight: 40t   40t 26t  


Innovation and quality

Thanks to the innovative design of BPC’s we are able to work on small locations where a small footprint is required in both offshore and onshore applications. All components of the hydraulic workover unit are designed and built to the specific operation demands of BPC. Each component is calculated according the valid German DIN requirements. Static design calculations are in line with the requirements as laid down by the German Mining Authorities. All German DIN requirements are compared with the more common API norms and NACE MR 0175 for oil field applications. Frequent DIN-standards are:

   DIN 4111    Drilling Masts (API 4F)
   DIN 1055-4    Wind forces
   DIN 1055-5    Snow and Ice influences
   DIN 188800-1/2    Steel constructions

The units are equipped with a secondary escape or a safety shoot. This is the emergency escape route from the work basket and when required from the lower slip window basket. The escape system is independent from mechanical structures and devices. Simple operations allow quick and safe escape from the workbasket and or slip window basket.