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Our Services

Our services: Outlined below are some of the general solutions we provide to our clients. BPC welcomes the opportunity to share with you our case histories that demonstrate our diverse competence.


We believe in engineering for success. Our upfront engineering, designing, planning, safety analyses and programming are the keys to our success. Detailed job engineering with down hole expertise, combined with equipment engineering is the ideal mix for providing tailored solutions for your well. Learn more about our engineering possibilities here.


The Snubbing Unit is the most versatile techniqueavailable in the upstream oil & gas industry. Our Snubbing units are internationally recognized as the safest and most technologically advanced in the world. Our latest data aquisition systems in combination with the newest safety software enables us to perform operations incident free.

Hydraulic Workover

Hydraulic Workover is the most cost efficient method to repair all types of wells both onshore and offshore. The Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) is a versatile, cost saving and safe tool to perform sand cleanouts, change-out completions and to repair casing leaks. A HWO unit can cover the same working envelope as a workover rig but has advantages over conventional rigs. Learn more.

Plug & Abandonment

Hydraulic Workover is your first choice for platform well Plug and Abandonment’s (P&A’s). HWU’s have a extremely good track record on performing offshore P&A’s. A recent case history have shown that a HWU was 5 times cheaper than a Jack-up drilling rig. By engineering our operations efficiently, we managed to P&A wells 5 times cheaper than a Jack-up drilling rig.

Wireline Slickline truck


BPC Wireline Services offer fit for purpose technology that solves your operational and evaluation needs both onshore and offshore. Many years of experience contribute largely to the success of our operations. We are committed to deliver flexible, cost efficient and high quality services. Our Wireline units are designed and built according to the latest standards.

Well Control

BPC executes complex well control operations on a stand-alone basis or in combination with snubbing or drilling operations. Not just well control during blow-out scenarios but also tailored solutions where the well cannot be killed or killing the well would result in reservoir damage or production loss. Expertise in rig-assisted, well control operations is available. 


BPC supplies Pressure Control Equipment for the rental market. By renting with BPC, you instantly have all the advantages of using premium equipment with none of the responsibilities of ownership. Our Rental equipment list is designed to provide you the information you need to find the correct equipment for your job. Learn more by contacting us.

Success on over 900 wells

Your well problem is our challenge. We believe in producing wells! Driven by passion! We have successfully restored production to more than 900 wells and will help you in safest and most efficient way. We have the experience, the knowlegde, the equipment  and the passion to make it work. Balance Point Controls Hydraulic Workover Units (HWU) are recognized throughout the Global oil and gas industry as the safest and most technologically advanced.

All HWU specific equipment is engineered and manufactured internally and is backed by a comprehensive engineering and operations team, which facilitates every aspect of workover program design through to completion. Control is an element of its business that BPC stands proud of; control of the standards we manufacture our equipment to, control of our well engineering and control of the standard that we execute the well work program. This focus on quality sets us apart from the rest of the industry and positions us as the Global Leader in the services we offer you as our client.

Find out how we've made our operations efficient by;

  • Minimise waiting on decisions by pre-job contingency planning
  • Minimizing NPT by preventive maintenance on critical equipment
  • Minimizing waiting on tools by careful planning and job preparation
  • Maximising working time by fast skidding of HWU from well to well
  • Maximising our safety performance by establishing a zero-incident safety culture
  • Efficient and correct downhole tool selection based on experience