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CSU 160 Unit

CSU160 Remote conbtrolled rig assist Snubbing unit

CSU-160 Unit

The CSU-160 Unit belongs to the latest generation of completely remote controlled rig assist Snubbing Units. It is designed to extend the capabilities of conventional and automatic rigs to allow safe working on pressurized wells. The CSU-160, one of the latest generation of rig-integrated snubbing units, combines safety and efficiency on board of conventional and automated jack-up rigs. The function of the CSU-160 is to insert or remove pipes while the well is under pressure.


  • Easy fit on most jack-up rigs
  • Minimal non-productive time when encountering pressurized well conditions
  • Cost saving because rig can continue work without waiting on snubbing equipment
  • Full integration in the rig system
  • Safe way of dealing with pressurized well conditions.
  • Free drill floor – no equipment required on drill floor.
  • No changes to the jack-up rig needed.
  • Rig is prepared for all scenarios.
  • Containerized Zone 2 Purged Control Unit
  • Small crew

Technical Characteristics

  • Completely remote controlled from rig control cabin
  • Integrated back-up system to keep control over the unit at all times
  • Siemens control software with integrated safety systems
  • No impact on rig safety system and other rig systems
  • Easy, flexible and simple to use
  • Installation inside rotary tables > 49.5” ID
  • Conventional level drill floor when the jack is scoped in
  • No equipment needed on drill floor – free space
  • Compatible to both manual and automatic rigs
  • Automatic suspension system to allow movement between jack-up rig and wellhead
  • Adjustable in height – different BOP stack heights possible
  • Unit specially prepared for the offshore environment
  • Electric-hydraulic 265 kW Powerpack
  • Allows for the RCD element to be changed out when the unit is rigged-up

Specifications CSU-160 Unit

  Pull Capacity 800kN 180.000 lbs
  Push Capacity 600kN 135.000 lbs
  Through bore 203 mm (8 inch)