+31 591 667 687 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 Karel Doormanstraat 4, 7825 VT Emmen, The Netherlands
+49 514 182 033 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 Bruchkampweg 28, Celle, Germany
ISO:9001 / 14001 / 45001
25 years experience
Proven track-record
900+ wells restored
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Careers & Jobs

Working at Balance Point Control means working together with your colleagues to provide our customers the best service possible in the most efficient and safest way. Balance Point Control, is a premier provider of Workover and Snubbing services. Our team places a great deal of focus on providing customers with an engineering-solution-based approach. With this as our business vision, we’ve quickly gained a reputation in Europe. We provide our service both onshore and offshore. Our headquarters is located in Emmen. We also have offices in Celle (Germany). At Balance Point Control, we’re always looking for new talent and motivated personnel. For careers and jobs, find our job openings below. 

Balance Point Control is a strong, focused, global company offering its employees a stable and safe working environment. We are looking for loyal, dedicated, hard-working individuals who are ready to advance their careers. Are you ready to become part of the Balanced Team?

Who are we?
We are known as Balance Point Control. BPC was established in 1999 in Emmen by a small group of colleagues. In 2007 BPC was acquired by Superior Energy Services Inc. In 2023 Balance Point Control was acquired by MB Petroleum Services and we are the world leading provider of Hydraulic Workover-, Snubbing-, Wireline- and Well Control Services. We have restored over 900 wells and have 25 years of experience.

What do we do?
Balance Point Control is a dynamic company in Hydraulic Workover / Snubbing, Well-Control & Wireline Services. Our work area is both onshore and offshore, all around the globe. We provide our service across the globe. Careers and jobs. Find our job openings below. We’re always open for new talent or experienced personnel. If there’s no open position for you, feel free to send us an open application.

Job Openings

Snubbing/HWO personnel

Due to a significant increase in workload, we’re looking for both HWO & Snubbing operators and supervisors to strengthen our team. Click for more information.

Supervisors | Operators

Wireline Slickline truck

Wireline Personnel

For our office in Celle (Germany) we are currently looking for Wireline/Slickline supervisors, operators and an engineer. Interested? Contact us!

Supervisors | Operators | Engineer 

Open applications

At Balance Point Control we’re always looking for new talent or experienced personnel. Send us your motivation and CV and we’ll be in touch.

Open applications 


All year through we offer a variety of interships or graduation projects for electronic technicians, mechanical engineers or allround operational technicians.                                        

Internships | wo/hbo/mbo

Electronic Technician

We are looking for Electronic Technicians. Interested in working in a demanding, dynamic and rewarding environment? You can find more information about the position and how to apply here.

Electrician | Technician