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Hydraulic Workover

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Hydraulic Workover

Looking for a cost efficient method to repair your well?

Hydraulic Workover is the most cost efficient method to repair all types of wells both onshore and offshore. The Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) is a versatile, cost saving and safe tool to perform sand cleanouts, change-out completions and to repair casing leaks. By fixing wells quickly and very cost efficient, Balance Point Control has become the market leader for Hydraulic Workover services in the North Sea.

Are you interested how hydraulic workover can fix your well? Please contact us.

Our Hydraulic Workover Services

Balance Point Control offers Hydraulic Workover services for the European, African, Middle East, Asia and Pacific market. From our establishments in Emmen (NL), Aberdeen (UK), Sattahip(TH) and Kuala Lumpur (MY) and Sale (Aus) We closely coordinate our operations both onshore and offshore. Our HWO units are designed according the highest standards and incorporate the latest technology and safety systems. Many years of experience, continuous focus on quality, flexibility and tailor-made solutions contribute greatly to the success of our operations.

Our Hydraulic Workover Units can do;

• Completions / Workover
• Plug & Abandonments
• ESP completion
• Sand screens installations
• Tubing conveyed perforations
• Liners and tailpipe installation
• Repair of down hole safety valves
• Well deepening
• Fishing/ Well clean-outs
• Casing window milling
• Casing repairs
• Packer / Plug Milling
• Cementing
• And much more….


HWO Unit: 225k 340k 385k 600k HWT
Max.pull Capacity: 100t 154t 173t 270t 270t
Max push Capacity: 40t 75t 80t 85t 85t
Rotary torque: 27 kNm 27 kNm 27 kNm 27 kNm 27 kNm
Stroke: 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m
Through bore: 11-1/8″ 13-5/8″ 13-5/8″ 13-5/8″ 19″
Ginpole: 2x 1,3t 2x 1,50t 2x 2,5t 2x 2,5t 2x 2,5t
Unit total weight: 25 t 34 t 40 t 39 t 100 t

Advantages of Hydraulic Workover

A HWO unit can cover the same working envelope as a workover rig but has advantages over conventional rigs or hoists for certain applications, such as:
  • Very cost efficient
  • Small and flexible footprint
  • Small environmental impact
  • Design for offshore use
  • Quick (de)mobilisation
  • Versatile
  • Perfect control 
  • Modular approach

How does it work?

Hydraulic Workover is a well intervention technique which can be used to install or remove tubular (pipes) in- or out of dead wells. “Dead” well means that the well has zero surface pressure and has a heavy fluid or mud in the wellbore, or is not capable of sustaining natural flow. The pipes are pulled out of the well using hydraulic cylinders. 

Hydraulic Power
The HWO unit (Hydraulic Workover Unit) utilizes hydraulic cylinders to lift the tubular in- or out of the well. The use of hydraulic cylinders allows perfect control over tubular movements and eliminates the use of a large mast construction which is present on conventional drilling rigs.

Hydraulic cylinders can generate large pull and push forces and give the HWO unit a small footprint and layout. These properties are especially beneficial for offshore operations where space is limited and where weather conditions can be harsh. In general is the running speed of a HWO unit lower than that of conventional workover rig.