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Offshore Fishing

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The platform was located on an Oil Producing Field in the Mediterranean off the coast of Sicily. The wells were completed in the mid 1980´s to produce heavy 15.5 API oil. Over the course of thirty years the integrity of these wells had suffered, thus a workover campaign utilising HWO was initiated. The platform previously […]

NUI Workover

The platform was a gas producer and was located in the Southern UKCS. Normally it is an unmanned installation (NUI) and as such had significant restrictions in terms of available beds, deck space and crane limitations. The objective was to workover a gas producer that had proven communication between the tubing and annulus. BPC were […]

Coil Tubing Recovery

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The platform was located on a Large Gas Producing Field in the Central North Sea. The Wells were beginning to water out and in an attempt to increase production the decision was made to run Coil Tubing Velocity Strings. During the first string installation a runaway occurred which resulted in the shear seals being closed […]


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Four existing multi-lateral horizontal gas wells located in the Southern North Sea were initially completed barefoot but production eventually ceased due to blockage of the production conduit by reservoir solids (sand and rocks). To mitigate this problem, 2-7/8” pre-drilled liner pipe made up in lengths of up to 200m was to be deployed on wireline […]


The platform was a HPHT gas condensate producer in the Central North Sea. A Well had been suspended with a shallow cement plug and was to be abandoned. Bellow the cement plug was the possibility of 800 bar. The objective was to rig up a snubbing unit within the derrick of a jack up, then […]

ESP Workover

The platform was located on an Oil and Gas Producing Field in the Irish Sea. The Oil producing Wells no longer free flow, thus an ESP is used to lift the oil. As with all electrical motors, ESP´s also have a limited life span. When a failure is encountered the solution often involves a full […]

Live well Coiled Tubing Recovery

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This gas injector/producer well was drilled in 2014 to a depth of 2635 mAH. After the well was completed and tested, coiled tubing was used to retrieve a 5.75” RPT standing valve installed in the packer tailpipe. Pressure differential over the valve was equalized using nitrogen. Coiled tubing was not able to free the valve. […]