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Well Plug & Abandonment using HWU

The Platform was located in the Dutch North Sea. Due to reservoir depletion, production was shut down and the gas processing facilities were removed. Most wells were drilled in the period from 1981 to 1989 with well depths ranging from 1740 to 4300 m. The objective was to Plug & Abandon (P&A) 11 wells and […]

Rig-less abandonment

The platform was located on an old depleted oil field in the Dutch Continental Shelf. Oil production had ceased. The condition of the platform was such that the owner decided to abandon the wells and to remove the platform. Hydraulic workover was identified as the most efficient way to cut the casings and conductor of […]

Onshore Re-Abandonment

The well was drilled in 1996 to a depth of 3990m and was plugged with 5 cement plugs in the same year. In the years after surface pressure build up was detected and the decision was made to re-abandon the well. The objective was to find the leak path and to re-abandon this well. Works […]

Offshore P&A – HWU and Liftboat

The platform is located in the German part of the North Sea in shallow water. The platform supports a single 3200m deep gas production well which was drilled and completed in 1991. The objective was to Plug & Abandon this single gas production well and to remove the surface casing, conductor and wellhead.


The well was drilled in 2012 to a depth of 2635m AH and was found dry. The 13-3/8” and 9-5/8” casing-shoes were set at 564m and 1295m respectively. The well was permanently abandoned by means of 5 cement plugs. The 9-5/8” production casing was cut and retrieved from 600m creating a uncased hole section of […]