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Hydraulic Workover
BPC 600K unit on site

Live well shallow fishing and milling operation

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BPC has performed a live well shallow fishing and milling operation on a gas producer in Germany. The Task was to retrieve a broken Sleeve in a depth of 50 meters with the use of 2-7/8’’ VX24 DP and a 7-1/16’’ BOP Stack. After more than 70 days of different fishing, jarring and underbalanced high-speed […]

Well Plug & Abandonment using HWU

The Platform was located in the Dutch North Sea. Due to reservoir depletion, production was shut down and the gas processing facilities were removed. Most wells were drilled in the period from 1981 to 1989 with well depths ranging from 1740 to 4300 m. The objective was to Plug & Abandon (P&A) 11 wells and […]

WELL CONTROL – kill underground blowout

A new well was accidentally drilled into an existing gas production well at a depth of 611m. The accident triggered an underground blow-out in which large quantities of gas were produced from a 3536m deep reservoir into the 611m formation. The drilling rig was severely damaged by the blow-out and the newly drilled hole finally […]

Underbalance Drilling using Snubbing unit

This gas producer well in Poland was drilled overbalance in 2011 to a depth 1528 mAH. To prevent reservoir damage caused by overbalanced drilling fluids the company decided to drill the well further in underbalance mode to a depth of 1858 mAH. Snubbing was identified as the most safe and efficient method to drill underbalance […]

Rig-less abandonment

The platform was located on an old depleted oil field in the Dutch Continental Shelf. Oil production had ceased. The condition of the platform was such that the owner decided to abandon the wells and to remove the platform. Hydraulic workover was identified as the most efficient way to cut the casings and conductor of […]

Offshore Fishing

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The platform was located on an Oil Producing Field in the Mediterranean off the coast of Sicily. The wells were completed in the mid 1980´s to produce heavy 15.5 API oil. Over the course of thirty years the integrity of these wells had suffered, thus a workover campaign utilising HWO was initiated. The platform previously […]

NUI Workover

The platform was a gas producer and was located in the Southern UKCS. Normally it is an unmanned installation (NUI) and as such had significant restrictions in terms of available beds, deck space and crane limitations. The objective was to workover a gas producer that had proven communication between the tubing and annulus. BPC were […]

ESP Workover

The platform was located on an Oil and Gas Producing Field in the Irish Sea. The Oil producing Wells no longer free flow, thus an ESP is used to lift the oil. As with all electrical motors, ESP´s also have a limited life span. When a failure is encountered the solution often involves a full […]

Offshore P&A – HWU and Liftboat

The platform is located in the German part of the North Sea in shallow water. The platform supports a single 3200m deep gas production well which was drilled and completed in 1991. The objective was to Plug & Abandon this single gas production well and to remove the surface casing, conductor and wellhead.


The well was drilled in 2012 to a depth of 2635m AH and was found dry. The 13-3/8” and 9-5/8” casing-shoes were set at 564m and 1295m respectively. The well was permanently abandoned by means of 5 cement plugs. The 9-5/8” production casing was cut and retrieved from 600m creating a uncased hole section of […]