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Onshore Re-Abandonment


The well was drilled in 1996 to a depth of 3990m and was plugged with 5 cement plugs in the same year. In the years after surface pressure build up was detected and the decision was made to re-abandon the well.


The objective was to find the leak path and to re-abandon this well. Works consisted of milling through the existing cement plugs and perform inflow pressure tests. After successful inflow testing, the well was to be plugged back to surface.


  • Engineering was performed to modify and convert the HWT600K to a snubbing unit such that it could deal with pressure below shallow plugs.
  • Temporary wellhead was installed.
  • BOP’s were rigged up as a low pressure snubbing configuration using two annulars. One annular was dressed with a rotating element.
  • Cement plug nr 5 was drilled out and the well was circulated clean and plug nr 4 was successfully inflow tested.
  • Nr 1 Bridge plug was set at 755m inside the 13 3/8” casing and a100m cement plug was installed.
  • Nr 2 Bridge plug was set at 135m inside the 13-3/8” casing to support a second cement plug with a length of 100m.
  • Successful pressure test on top cement plug.


  • Good engineering and project planning resulted in a good operational efficiency.
  • The well was successfully plugged. Both cement plugs were successfully tested during the first test.
  • The HWU operation was completed in 26 days. (incl. NPT, waiting on -weather, -parts and -decisions, maintenance, Rig Up/Down time, etc.)
  • Zero incidents and accidents.