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ISO:9001 / 14001 / 45001
25 years experience
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900+ wells restored
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Balance Point Control (BPC) was established in 1999 in Emmen, Netherlands by a small group of colleagues. They had the intent of providing more than just workover, snubbing and wireline services. The team places a great deal of focus on providing customers with an engineering solutions approach to elevate the level of value brought to customers. With this as their business vision, BPC quickly gained a reputation in Europe as a premier provider of workover and snubbing services.

Balance Point Control is the world leading provider of Hydraulic Workover, Snubbing, Wireline, P&A and Well Control Services

About Balance Point Control

In 2007, BPC was acquired by Superior Energy Services and is working closely with sister company, International Snubbing Services (ISS). Together, they continued their endeavour to be recognised as the world leaders within their field. This by providing a level of unsurpassed safety and quality with the most technological advanced snubbing and workover rigs worldwide. By focusing on world leadership within their field, BPC has applied innovative approaches in every aspect of their business. As a result, they have designed and manufactured a range of rigs to suit any customer requirement.

BPC has a very strong team of highly competent professionals from the management level who interact with their clients, through to their extensive and qualified engineering team.

Today, Balance Point Control has a global footprint with extensive International experience. Second to none in the industry. BPC, as a collective, welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate to you their complete solutions based approach. From well design through to completion.