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Well Integrity Logging

Advanced techniques of integrity evaluation of oil & gas production and storage facility wells

Well Integrity Logging. Historically, Well Integrity problems were only detected after physical signs were encountered allowing potential problems to escalate into significant economic and safety risks requiring expensive remedial operations.

BPC, together with partner Edenergo-Diagnostica, offers a full Well Integrity Survey which can identify potential problems upfront and provide real-time indication of well conditions covering aspects of:

  • Corrosion monitoring of casing and tubing
  • (Potential) Leak paths
  • Cement integrity
  • Flows, Temperatures and pressures
  • Gas accumulation behind the casing

Casing corrosion measurements can be performed in oil, brine and gas filled wells without tubing retrieval allowing up to three casing strings to be monitored by thru-tubing wireline logging.

Our surveys are conducted without decommissioning or killing a well and without removing the tubing, providing a beneficial economic effect.

Available Wireline tools and techniques

  • gas-dynamic complex (highly sensitive temperature logging, barometry, noise level metering, etc.)
  • Magnetic pulse flaw detection
  • Scanning magnetic pulse flaw detection
  • Gamma and neutron-gamma ray logging
  • Spectrometric methods of gamma, neutron-gamma, neutron–neutron logging
  • Pulse methods of neutron-gamma, neutron–neutron logging
  • Multi-finger caliper

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