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HWT 600K


HWT 600K Unit

The HWT 600 was designed to install welded casing completions as well as normal threaded connections. This innovative concept also delivers all the functions of a standard HWO unit or Rig. The unit is largely enclosed, freestanding, adaptable, and designed to improve ergonomics. The modular structure allows for quick rig moves plus easy and safe transport offshore. The substructure can be adjusted in height as required to suit different BOP stack configurations.

The reliable and flexible HWT 600 HWO/Snubbing Unit has been designed for all well scenarios: live/dead well, onshore/offshore. The HWT 600 satisfies your need for high quality, safe and efficient Snubbing or Workover operations in any environment. The jointed work string is manoeuvred by means of 4 hydraulic cylinders with a 3m stroke giving perfect control over work string movements, and allows for easy handling of all types of downhole tools.

  • Modular
  • Fast Rig-up
  • Small Footprint
  • Mobile
  • Excellent Cost/Quality Ratio
  • Multi Purpose application

Innovation is for us not just a word – it is our mission. We design and build our own state-of-the-art Hydraulic Workover Units, and continuously search for best in class improvements to operational and safety performance, ensuring excellent energy efficiency and high quality.


  Pull Capacity 600,000 lbs 272.000 kg
  Push Capacity 270,000 lbs 126.000 kg
  Rotary Torque 20,000 ft. lbs 27.000 Nm
  Stroke 10 ft 3 m.
  Through bore HWO 19″ 482 mm
  Through bore Snubbing 14″ 355 mm
  Unit total weight 222,000 lbs 100.000 kg
  Slip bowls 600,000 lbs 270.000 kg
  Gin Pole

2 x 6,300 lbs

1 x 11,000 lbs

2 x 2.500 kg

1 x 5.000 kg